Important Points of Wellness and Health

Unfortunately, today’s health system is creating a generation that is dependent on dangerous prescription medications as plasters for their many symptoms. Multiple studies have shown that plasters only weaken the immune system, bio-energetic fields and critical pH balance in the human body.

Your quality of life and longevity will be determined by your health. Unfortunately, most people today are confused or intentionally misled into unhealthy diets and habits. They may also be deceived as to the healing powers of their incredible healing body. What can be done to protect their four pillars of good health?

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1. The First Important Point of Health

Our external bio-energetic fields, or our aura, are the first pillars of our health and vital to our well-being. This energy field is very similar to the bioenergy field that surrounds the earth in natural defense against invaders or forces external to it.

The computer age is rapidly evolving with the proliferation of gadgets, phones, iphones and other electronic toys. Studies have shown that our magnetic outer protection continues to weaken, allowing foreign elements to attack and penetrate our bodies. To maintain our health and 4 pillars, we need to find ways to strengthen this natural defense.

The 2nd Important Point of Health

Our natural defense system, our immune system, is the 2nd pillar to our health. Our immune system was designed to protect our bodies from any diseases or foreign invaders that may enter our bodies. This can have serious consequences for our health and wellbeing in our quest for being healthy forever.

It is ironic that our immune system and the sick-care system pretending to be our health care system are so poorly managed, it actually causes more harm than good.

There are many stages in our immune system, as well as protective defense agents. These agents include T-cells to B-cells to Killer cells to TH1 and TH2 cells to Cytotoxic T cell, suppressor T cells, and TH1 cells. These agents were all naturally made to maintain a healthy body and improve our four pillars of wellness.

Third Important Point of Health

Our body’s pH balance is the third pillar of wellness and health. Health simply refers to a body pH balance of 7.356 or higher. This is the pH level at which all diseased and sick bodies reside. Higher chances of a body becoming sick or ill are associated with a lower pH balance.

Our body’s natural pH balance range is 7.356 to alkaline. Our pH balance range has been alkaline since birth. As we age, our pH balance slowly deteriorates to acidity, eventually leading to sickness.

Fourth Important Point of Health

Our lifestyle is the fourth pillar to health. Regular exercise is essential. We must reduce our exposure to toxins, carcinogens, stress and other chemicals that may affect our immune system.

These 4 pillars of good health have been proven to be essential in maintaining a healthy body and optimum health. It is important to find positive and natural ways to protect our bodies from the outside.

As we spend our time in front of computers, our bio-energetic aura or aura is continually being bombarded. It is impossible to avoid eating the right foods in order to prevent our bodies from becoming acidic. However, it is important to understand that our immune system must be protected by using carcinogens as little or no as possible.

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